Where Is The Cat

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Where Is The Cat
Where is the Cat is a funny math game. This is a puzzle based math game which includes several practices of mathematics with a funny presentation. The base concept is the game is to relate the digits with the word. In this game the word CAT is related to a 3 digit number. In which first letter C represents the first digit of a number. Second letter A represents the second digit of the number and the third letter T represents the third digit of the number. If the number is 145 means that the C is 1, The A is 4 and the T is 5. Now if a question may ask C+A=5 to highlight this number. In each question you have to find a number which resembles CAT. For knowing the correct number you will be given some hints. Solve the 50 funny questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, comparison and algebra to win this game. This is an ad free game.
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Date: 2015-09-02

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    It is an interesting way to get kids to use Algebra, I am docking a star though because of the mistake in one of the questions:

    Question 48:
    c*7 < A * 2

    Possible answers: 257, 146, 139, 285
    both 146 and 285 work here, but using 146 counts as wrong
    for 146 it would be 1 * 7 < 4 * 2 or 7 < 8 which is true. 285 also works 2 * 7 < 8 *2 or 14 < 16
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